Larisa started skiing when she was two years old and raced for the first time two years after that in a Nastar event while at Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont on a family ski trip.  
Growing up with two older brothers around Georgian Peaks Ski Club gave her the opportunity to compete against some very talented young skiers.  She spent the next few years skiing with both the National Ski Academy and the Ontario Ski Team. In 2005, Larisa was accepted to the Canadian Alpine Development Team.  

Then, the journey began…

For the first few seasons, the focus was to get as much guidance from teammates, gain experience at this caliber of racing, and become accustomed to the international ski racing pace of life.  Larisa’s goal of being one of the fastest female ski racers in the world had always been important to her.  It wasn’t until a severe knee injury sidelined Larisa for two whole seasons that she discovered how important that dream really was.  She would miss the Vancouver Olympics with this hiatus - one of the most patriotic things an athlete can compete in.

She worked harder than she ever thought possible to return to the sport.  Larisa’s need for speed and love of the competition drove her once again to realize her dreams.  

And yet, another challenge…

On the horizon of yet another Olympic Games, Larisa was cut from the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.  It was a business decision the Team made to reallocate funds elsewhere which directly affected Larisa’s journey to being an Olympian.  Thus the birth of Team Larisa Racing.

The first season independent was the most empowering and liberating season of her entire career... not to mention successful.  Larisa raised $150,000 and created a platform to train, compete and, ultimately, qualify for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in February 2014.  She hired Kurt Mayr as her coach and together they flourished.  It was a risk, on many levels, for both of them but gained the support of so many generous sponsors and genuine people.  Larisa gained an experience that continues to positively affect her life.

Along with her athletic success, Larisa gained the opportunity to connect with thousands of others striving for their own heights.  The intimacy she gained with these children and adults alike created a cycle of inspiration.  They shared their stories of courage and belief in oneself and she, in turn, felt inspired to continue doing her best in her sport.  The entrepreneurship required to 'go it alone' propelled her passion for business and educated her on the many facets necessary in management. After finishing her career ranked 3rd in the world, she dove into her MBA through Edinburgh Business School.  After graduating with Honors, Larisa went on to gain her real estate license where she serves the Southern Georgian Bay Area.