Client Comments


Les Rechan, President and CEO, Solace

“I had the chance to chat with Larisa in front of a room full of influential business and community minded people.  We chatted about risk, courage, leadership and the power of vulnerability.  Larisa's athletic journey has morphed into an approach to the corporate and real world we can all relate to.  She lets you in on her adventures, both past and present. You can learn a lot and be inspired by her own life journey and resilience.”

Meredithe and Les Rechan pictured at Boys and girls club ottawa event (february 2019)

Meredithe and Les Rechan pictured at Boys and girls club ottawa event (february 2019)


Jim Brownlee, VP Western Canada, Freedom 55 Financial

"Larisa has a very engaging and compelling story to tell about her pursuit of her ultimate goal. Like so many people who rise to be among the very best, it is not about their climb, but about how they handle the obstacles in their path. Larisa is able to share how she persevered and became one of the fastest women on the planet."

Joanne Butler, VP of Market and Research Development at Independent Electricity System Operator

“Larisa’s story is one of a world class athlete’s careful evaluation of the pros and cons – combined with small town grit and determination –  to break away from the conventional rules of amateur sport, set up her own company and set the stage to qualify and earn a top twenty showing at the Sochi Olympics and third ranked in World Cup Alpine skiing on her retirement in 2016.  Her story wants you to stand up and applaud for beating the odds on her knees and her know how.” 


Neil Skelding, President & CEO RBC Insurance

"Our corporate ski day has been going for the past 14 years and I have to say this year was truly the best!  This year Larisa joined us and spoke to the group about her incredible journey to world class success as a ski racer through her athletic effort coupled with her incredible entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by the funding of her own program through raising the funds needed herself.  Larisa described both her successes and setbacks and how her incredible determination, no matter the obstacles, lead to her incredible success.  Larisa engaged extremely well with our clients during the on-hill components.  She also took the time while onsite to inspire some or our young Alpine racers.  Thank you again Larisa for joining us at the RBC Insurance ski day!"


Michael Clarfield, M.D. C.C.F.P. DIP. SPORT MED.

"As a Sports Medicine Physician I have had the fortunate/unfortunate pleasure of treating and watching Larisa battle through her injuries (far from minor) throughout her downhill ski racing career. Her endless dedication to rehabilitation and determination to get back to the highest level in the world was remarkable. This was all going on while, simultaneously, battling such emotional adversity throughout her career.  In all my years of treating Professional and Olympic athletes, I have never met anyone who has battled and succeeded through such challenges and made it back to the podium. She is such an inspiration to me and to so many. 

Recently, Larisa spoke to my staff.  She tells her story in such a humble and inspiring way. The lessons learned from this incredible person are both heartwarming and motivational. The opportunity to hear her speak and connect with Larisa should not be missed."

Neil and larisa at alpine ski club, ontario

Neil and larisa at alpine ski club, ontario