Happy Thanksgiving! (With love, from Austria)

Happy Thanksgiving!

(With love, from Austria)

It's my 5th week here in Europe and I'm thankful for 5 things:
1.  I'm thankful that my coach, Kurt, and I can be flexible.  I think a vision is always important.  But swaying from this hard line enables us to be constantly engaged and responsible.  Our approach is often unconventional.  In our environment, over the last 5 weeks, we have had to 'sway' daily.  With my return-to-snow program, we are able to do both on-snow and off-snow training in a ratio that allows me to progress forward.. and it's a progression we respect.
2.  I'm thankful for friends.  Pictured above is Muha, my technician this year and a place of constant positivity... mostly belly laughter.  In merging with Sweden more officially this year, we will be spending lots of time together.  The girl to his left is Kajsa Kling.  We climbed the ladder together and I'm so grateful for our friendship.  She got me through one of my harder days last week.. just by riding the t-bar with me.  And buying me chocolate.
3.  I'm thankful for FaceTime.  Period.
4.  I'm thankful for the no-sheet rule here in Europe.. Sheets are my nemesis.
5.  I'm thankful for my health... because a 7-year-old girl named Sophie from Owen Sound, Ontario has been fighting cancer for two years and it's not fair.  Today she received her ultimate wish, a playset in her backyard.  Walt Disney says that, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."  Sophie is a fighter beyond words.  Big Thanksgiving hug to you, Princess.

Welcome, Alex!   

A couple weeks ago, I met Alex Fröis in Bludenz, Austria.  After traveling 8 years with Marcel Hirscher (very decorated Austrian ski racer), he decided to stay at his clinic and 'hang up' his passport for a while.  It is because Alex decided to stay home this season that I'm able to benefit from his amazing experience.  With his own horrific injuries, a ski racing career and many years building programs and treating successful ski racers, Alex is an incredible addition to Team Larisa.  I'm able to hire locally and take full advantage of enhancing my athleticism between ski days.  He has his hands full with a knee that had a 3rd and 4th operation this past summer, but he is fully committed to getting me in the best shape of my life.

Jim Adlington, Company Owner at Planks Clothing

"Planks clothing is super stoked to be providing Larisa with headwear for the upcoming season. We usually do not support ski racers as our brand is aimed more towards the freestyle / freeride market. However, we were blown away by her story and how committed she is to her sport. We decided she would be a great ambassador and are proud to have her representing our company.  Larisa's passion about skiing is mind blowing and she is a true inspiration to us all. Go Team Larisa!"

What's Next?
With a handful of days left here in Europe, our agenda is this:  test the speed skis and filter the fastest from the slower ones with Rossignol and bank some more volume in gate training to nail down the timing of powerful turns.  I will have two weeks at home at the end of the month to build on all the physical facets of being extremely fast this season.  I will also use this final window at home to find the last couple contributors to join Team Larisa for 2014-2015.  Then it's off to Colorado for an epic month of shifting gears and revving for the races in December!

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