Being home at Christmas was yummy and comforting to my soul.  I saw people I love and that does wonders for my heart.  

However, returning to Europe was a challenge.  With so much momentum prior to the holidays and then such a restful time at home, I was nervous about how to pick up where I left off.  Jet lag will punch a good Christmas break right in the face.  I didn't give myself enough time.. First day of training in Austria after the holidays, first run in the course, I fell.  I sprained my ankle and got a great taste of whiplash.  So Christmas was extended well into January for me and I took the next three days off. 

Approaching the World Cup in Altenmarkt, Austria, my brain was full.  I hadn't realized I had just that weekend and the next (four chances) left to qualify for the Winter Games.  And then I didn't realize that we only had two Canadian spots in SuperCombined.. so that left three chances.  

I missed some gates in the first training run and the second training run was cancelled.  There was also some extreme honeymooning going on that week in the hotel room next to me taking away from any quality sleep prior to the race.  

My last time pushing out of the downhill start in Altenmarkt a few years ago, I beat everyone else.  I was the fastest female in the world that day.  So in the start on Saturday, I was just sick.. sick to stomach.  The next two minutes were a blur… so I posted the video here (my run is around 2 minutes in).

It's an incredible feeling to have qualified for the Olympic Winter Games.  I remember playing Nagano on N64 with my best bud, Brooke.  We were both terrible at the speed skating.. standing upright with hands behind back for a short track sprint.  But the positive in this is that I chose alpine ski racing in real life so my hands will probably be out front driving hard towards an Olympic medal for Canada.  It's amazing to even just write it.. that I have a rare opportunity to make myself and my country proud.

This is the moment I want to thank my supporters.  There are some special men and women that said yes to my passion.  They have enabled me to progress.  Please check out my sponsor page and memorize these generous corporations.. there will be a quiz on Friday.  No, but for real, picture it.  Some girl, trying to fit in heels and her mom's skirt, pitching an Olympic dream with a small amount of corporate lingo.. asking for money.  I don't know what part of my story was relatable but I'm blessed with some genuine help.

I've had two wonderful rest days in Salzburg, Austria.. next stop: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy tomorrow for the next speed weekend.  Stay tuned for some epic pics of the Dolomites!!

And feel free to comment.  It's nice for me to document my journey but if you'd like to ask questions, do.