Celebrate good times, c'mon

Tonight I'm celebrating.  Not actually..  I'm about to the hit the hay and it's not even 9pm.  But, I made a bangin' soup tonight and got my first race bib of the 2013-2014 season!  Something about that extra elastic band nudging around my midriff makes me feel so racy.  I'm racer ready.

But in addition to being ready, I'm clad in Columbia this season with some great patches sewn on.  I almost cried when I picked up the jackets on Thursday.  I worked tirelessly all summer to create a financial platform in order to execute my plan of reaching my potential and being the fastest girl on the World Cup circuit.  Now, it's now.  I have a story behind each patch and the pursuit of it, full of sweaty palms and, ultimately, very sweet people.  I'm humbled to say that the current Team Larisa supporters are now exclusive to this season and I'm celebrating..

I'm selling T-shirts on my website for the next two weeks..  They're black, the new black of course, and gold.. the jazziest of the golds.

If you'd like to join the Team, buy a tee or simply jump up in the air with your arms above your head yelling, "I'm awesome!"  That has been known to do the job as well.

Thank you for following my progress this summer!  I promise to keep in touch.