Welcome to the team, Cresco FX!

It's Friday night in Europe and I'm excited.  I have a weekend ahead of me training downhill with World Cup men's teams and ski testing for the winners that want to drive the fastest for the race season. I'm spending the week with a 78-year-old technician who started is career with Franz Klammer and I feel confident with my pre-season preparation so far.  I have learned a lot and laughed a lot too.  And here's my good news.

Cresco FX is a foreign exchange brokerage run by Derek Mayne.  I was introduced to Derek by Emily (Brydon).  Derek is a father of one (pleeeease see the CUTE pictures below) and a husband, uncle and son.. and now a sponsor of my journey!  Kurt and I met the whole family in Zermatt last week and I feel completely humbled by their genuine interest and support of what I'm trying to do... not to mention how refreshing it is to talk about the apex of the turn with them.  So with a common love for skiing and a connection that's allowing me to get my race face together, I'm very grateful.