Powder Day in Saas Fee!

I arrived a couple days ago to get some more training in before the season starts... Winter also arrived a couple days ago.  All of Europe was completely puked on!  I mean, it's beautiful but makes it difficult to rip clean turns on rock hard snow.. so instead we got some fatties and celebrated the abundance of snow :)  

Such a blast and glad I brought along my GoPro..

This is Kurt and I sporting some new baselayers from Terramar!  Thank you, Sue Mealey, for making such a great and cozy connection.  Kurt and I are so grateful for the unlimited undies options while still looking cute :)  He underestimated the 3.0 products (meant for minus weather) and was drenched when he arrived to the hill.  I'm sure he'll appreciate those options at the Lake Louise World Cup standing on the hill for hours in hellish temperatures!  Thank you so much for outfitting Team Larisa!