In July, a man named Tom Furger introduced himself on Facebook... a fan of Canada, a godfather in Radium, BC and a resident of Switzerland.  Tom works for WINFORCE, a Swiss sport nutrition company.  Since then, I've been 100% supported by these products and it's a big help this prep period.  For any athlete, getting the right nutrition is key and often expensive.  I feel great knowing I'm using the best quality products to support me pre-, during and post-training.

I'm not a great eater on the ski hill and that's a problem when we're on our feet for 7 hours and skiing over 30km's a day.  But WINFORCE's protein powder, hydration complex and energy gels are a huge help... and with Swiss flavours like Hazelnut and Coconut, it's easy :)

Thank you, Tom!  Thank you, WINFORCE, for providing me with product and promise that I'm ingesting the best things at the best times and taking full advantage of each training session.