Welcome aboard Firm Capital Corporation!

Day 2 of my sponsor intro is being announced after another great day on the hill :)  Beautiful sunshine and good, hard snow.

Eli Dadouch, President and CEO of Firm Capital Corporation, has been a big help to me.  My mom and I met Eli on the chairlift at Alpine Ski Club a few years ago.  He's no stranger to ski racing and I've appreciated our conversations about how to best tackle the next challenge.  He has introduced me to some of his dearest contacts, Daniel Drimmer being one of them.   I look forward to seeing his son, Leslie, when I head to Saas Fee where the National Ski Academy is training this month.

Thank you, Eli, for being an all-bite-no-bark kind of guy :)  You put things in motion at a pace that I'm familiar with... quickly.