September in Switzerland

Tomorrow is my last day of training here in Switzerland.  I've had an incredible camp!  We've had great weather, great conditions and a great environment to do our work.  I have a few people to thank for that.  Maybe it seems that's all my posts are these days.. big thank you's.  Well they're barely enough.. The people who have shared their time, their training and their apartments with me have made the difference.

Firstly.. getting here.  Ally Dandy and family booked my flight to and from Zurich.  She, then, sent an email to friends of hers to ask if anyone else could do the same.  Rick Marshall stepped up and covered my flight in July.  Amazing.

Secondly.. staying here.  Jurg Gfellr, the big cheese at the National Ski Academy in Collingwood, ON introduced me to Kathy and Leo at Hotel Sonne in Zermatt.  They put my team up for two weeks in perfect apartments.  We felt completely at home and they were very kind with the prices.  In Saas Fee, we've continued our Canadian connection at Hotel Colorado.  It's in a perfect location and tucked away from 'downtown'.

Thirdly.. being fit and fast here.  The Mooser's are the big-hearted brothers that joined Team Larisa for the month.  Stef was a World Cup technician for the Swiss woman for many years.  He now works on his farm with his girlfriend, Monika Dumermuth (a retired and very talented Swiss ski racer).  Stef's help was crucial for this camp to be such a success.  Plus, he's a total goofball and kept the momentum positive.  His brother, Chris, was close by whenever I needed a tune-up.  His holistic approach kept me in fine form and he brought some very cool mental and neural exercises to the table.  I feel completely lucky to have merged with these boys this month.  It's sad to say bye after a tight month but I guess it's kinda like a good movie.  It's over after a couple hours but you take all the things you want to take with you when you leave the theatre.   Thank you, Stef and Chris, for believing in me whole-heartedly.  I felt the love 

Fourthly?.. having the canvas to arc better turns every day and ski really fast.  I have been training this month with the Norwegian women's team.  They are fast and friendly girls to hang out with.. not to mention beautiful!  I've had loads of fun on and off the ski hill with these girls.  Their coach Stef is a saint in these parts and we had some incredible opportunities.  The last couple days we trained SuperG on a brand-new track here in Saas Fee.  The groomer brought us up each run and we were all smiles all day.  The only catch with this star treatment was an alarm set at 4:50am... not a big catch.

I don't think there's any 'fifthly'.. sounds stupid anyway. But I do know that I'm grateful for a whole lot.. mostly the chance to put my poles out of the start gate and push hard into the unknown.  No, there aren't any guarantees.  But I can promise you this.. I am working hard every day, every run, every single turn to be better than before.