P.Jentschura keeps me clean!

My coach, Kurt, first introduced the Canadian women's team to Roland Jentschura last season.  I was curious about the information.  This summer, I visited Christian Harzenmoser in St. Gallen, Switzerland for a consult and blood test.  For most people, this initial test shows quite a bit of fungus, candida, heavy metals, etc. in the blood.  Simply said, they're inhibiting my circulation and ability to fight sickness and stress.  The products from P. Jentschura target these abnormalities.  So with the help of Roland, Christian and 5 alkaline products, I am proud to say my red blood cells are floating freely and my circulation is kicking ass.

I'm very lucky to have the help of so many from my circles.. but Kurt is also bringing lots of new contacts and opportunities to the table.  We are not leaving any stone unturned.

Here's to having good, basic blood :)  Thank you, P.Jentschura.

If you're interested in reading more, here's the link for European distribution and Canadian distribution.