More updated status update

It’s difficult to nutshell how my summer has been.  I’ve had a few firsts.. like looking at a budget sheet for what it costs to prep for a competitive ski season.  And my first time living in Toronto.  First time changing from sweaty gym clothes into a tight dress and heels in a car.  But the part that’s most practiced, and not a ‘first’ at all, is going full tilt towards my biggest passion.. skiing fast. 

On April 4th, I received an email saying that there would be no solution… this was regarding my ski career going further on with the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.  I read this email in Mexico eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast, waiting for a deep-sea fishing tour.  My friend and I were sitting with two Finnish people we had just met and they, immediately, saw my heart on the table.. with the fruit and yogurt.

Now it’s July 23rd and I’m writing from Zermatt where I’m 6 days into my first on-snow camp of 2013-2014.  I’m grateful for so many things.  Mostly, I’m grateful that it’s working.  I’ve worked very hard in the gym and very hard outside the gym during the past few months in order to be both fit and financially supported.  I have broadened my network of Team Larisa believers and hired a coach for my first two camps.  This coach is a godsend.  Kurt Mayr was my coach last season and, with the collapse of the women’s speed program, was out of work.  Before a cent came in to fund this season, he was already working tirelessly to organize every detail of a World Cup ski racer’s needs.   He doesn’t have hair but he has a great heart.  I’ve never felt so focused and intense with a coach’s full attention while completely enjoying myself.

Cold tubbing in the glacial river

Lanes of gate training with a heavenly view

Staying active on days off

Soon, I will introduce my sponsors that have made everything possible… everything from the outfit that made me look more presentable walking into an office of a 10 billion dollar company to the wax ironed into the bases of my skis. 

Please stay tuned because Team Larisa is getting bigger each week and it will be exciting for me to share. 

With that said, if anyone would like to follow my progress or help my progress towards my fundraising goal, please visit any of the following sites:

Or send me an email if you want to be on the jacket for the season or have a friend that does!