2013 thus far

I just turned 25 and I feel about that old.  My knees make noises but I still laugh at burps.

I haven't blogged in a long time.  I spiralled downwards since my last post.  Christmas didn't reset my soul in the way I had hoped and I returned to Europe only to continue grinding it out on the World Cup circuit.  I felt, so often, that 'today was the day' that I would turn things around for myself... that my effort would work.  I'd push out of the start harder than the day before.  The reality was that when the last race arrived, I approached it with a 3-day fever followed by bronchitis and that would be the last chance at getting top-30 World Cup points for myself and for Canada.  I was low.  Blogging was, naturally, the last thing I felt like doing.  How was I going to share my casualty of a season in a beautifully eloquent way...?  No buttering it up, I take full responsibility for my lack of results.  But I wouldn't be the first athlete to take a couple years to gain back the confidence it takes to crave more speed when you're already going 130km/hr.  I feel hungry for next season.  It will be my dessert.  Yummm.

In the finish at my first World Championships (28th in the Downhill)

After returning home from Europe in February, I went to Squaw Valley, California for NorAm Finals.  It was beautiful and much-needed.  To be back with a bunch of teammates and start the 6:30am days with laughs was so refreshing.  I know there are some people that feel safer taking life seriously but I highly value laughter and all the side effects that come with buckling over and cramping from something silly.  So finishing the season with that was healthy for my soul but, consequently, healthy for my skiing too.  For the first time in a while, I was racing well from the start to the finish and restoring the pride I felt ripping up race courses.  After everything I've invested in order to give myself the chance at racing faster than any other woman in the world once again, it felt good to get back on the podium. 

3rd in Squaw Valley
1st in Whistler, BC

And it felt good to get some sun.  I found a special spot in Mexico to celebrate my 25th with my friend, Georgia.  Actually, here's the link to the casa we rented because it's so worth sharing.   We had fun.

Me, Miguel (surf guru) and Georgia
Sunset in Zicatela

The best watermelon I've ever had
Trying to take life more seriously

Chillin' with a sea turtle and friends


2012-2013 is complete and I want to thank all my sponsors.  My principle donor Jeff Craig from Axios, Jan Hudec with pandaHAUS, DJ Wiley from DJ Steaks, Glenn Gradeen from Tangle Creek Energy, Georgian Peaks Ski Club, World Cup Club, Sporting Life, MERIX Financial (thanks to Brian Nason), Rossignol, Uvex and Komperdell.  As well, everyone involved in my fundraising campaign (www.pursu.it/) stepped up in a big way and paid my team fees for the season.  That support, financially, carried me through the season.  But more than that, I have thousands of new fans that filled my heart when I was in the heart of the grind.  Thank you so much for understanding and investing in my dream of racing hard for Canada in the Sochi Olympics.  We're only 10 months away from another Winter Games!  Я не могу ждать !

Some keeners that filled my tank in February.  Thank you, Belanger's!