That was a month

I'm itching for a Christmas break with the Yurkiw clan.  I just had 11 hours of sleep in Zurich and am now waiting for my flight home. 

So here's my attempt at summing up the last month... It was a month.  It was neither stellar nor awful.  I had good sections of races.  I had good tumbles.  I returned to the track that changed my life three years ago.  Actually, I'll elaborate on that.  I feel very lucky to have had a chance to return to Val d'Isere.  It was very much a necessary chapter in my crazy knee book.  It was the last time the World Cup circuit will do downhill there.  And so I'm glad I ticked that box when I could.  And what a box.  During inspection I just stared at the place, the actual point on the snow that took me out.  But somehow I got over myself and skied really fast right by that point.  Twice.  My physio, Lisa, told me last week that on my first training run at Val d'Isere, I left the start at exactly 12:12pm on 12/12/2012.  I'm looking into why that's cool.  But it seems like a pretty powerful coincidence :) 

After Val d'Isere we went to Crans Montana, Switzerland.  Other than some epic powder runs, both in and out of a race course, it wasn't incredible.  It was fun to win a silver plate with 4th written on it and it was fun to celebrate with some warm wine.  But it wasn't that fun to break my skis because I couldn't get out of a berm.  

I think after going through a couple self-implosions and answering my question of what I'm still doing here.. I know exactly what I'm still doing here.  Everything's going my way.  The fog and copious amounts of snow has been challenging.  The lack of results on paper has hurt a bit.  But I'm healthy, I'm falling and getting back up, I'm skiing well, I'm still pretty funny and I win the odd game on Words with friends.  Life is going and I'm still riding front seat.

Front seat until I get under the same roof with my family.  I'm in the trunk once my brothers start talking about the universe and mass.   

Hey.  Merry Christmas to you.  May the holidays bring you all the respite you're in need for and fill you up in all the right ways.  I think it's already pretty merry because the world didn't end yesterday.  But if anything shifted, globally, yesterday, I hope it was in a more harmonious direction with a little more love added to the mix.  

Some pics.

St Moritz
End of the world in Crans Montana, Switzerland
Fourth in a FIS SuperG, next to my deutsch friend Gina

The type of friendship Gina and I have

A few sponsor names from my fundraiser!