Till now

October was off-snow.  But very eventful.  I'm now in Colorado lucking out with some great training and great weather.  But here's a few pictures of what my past month consisted of...

Making toques for my online fundraiser www.pursu.it  As of yesterday morning, I am 100% funded for my 2012-2013 race season!  Some incredible people from all over the world jumped on board and helped me cover my team fees of $20k.  Thank you with my whole heart.  I will do each of you proud :)

Podium Club Luncheon with Alpine Canada sponsors and interviews with CBC.  And some monkey business with Canadian mittens and Canadian Cowboys.

Audi Driving Experience at Motorsports Park in Bowmanville, Ontario.  Agility in an S4, followed by some speed in a R8.  I'm not supposed to tell anyone but we went 260km/h.  That was something.

My Baba, Mary Alice Yurkiw, passed away on November 4.  She lived to be 101.  I say that's some of the most incredible 100 years to live through.  I couldn't be at her funeral, but I hope that my submission to the Globe and Mail for the 'Lives Lived' section gets picked.  It's a small gesture of a big, big life.  Love you, Baba.

Training in Colorado.  There's just a handful of snow, but what's here is really good quality.  Yesterday we had epic training at the Copper Speed center on Copper mountain.  That was dessert, for sure.

So there's a few key points I've learned from all these things.  1. You'd be surprised how many people want to help you, if you just give them the chance.  2.  In like a lamb, out like a lion.  All the problems that show up on the ski hill are there on the race track as well, with a steering wheel in your hand.  3.  Baba's perogies are the best I've ever had.  But her heart was even better.  And she made my Dad, who chose my mom.  And the two of them have been positively affecting my life for 24 years.