New Zealand and Toronto and Rugby

We were in Methven, New Zealand for three weeks.  That wasn't the original plan but the best one for us.  There was plenty of snow.  Ironically, too much snow to ski the first couple days.  The road up to the mountain is fairly treacherous.  It makes for some interesting daydreaming.  If we go over the edge, will I keep my headphones in my ears?  What would I want to be listening to as my last song?  What would I think about if I knew I only had seconds to be conscious?  Turns out I didn't have to answer any of those questions.  We got to the mountain every time we tried to.

Methven, as a town, grew on me.  I love small towns.  But I think more than small towns, I love feeling local.  So it took some time to find our cafe and grocery store and sanity.  On one of our days off, we went clay shooting.  I'd never shot a gun before, or even touched one for that matter.  I haven't had a 'first' or a thrill like that in a while (off snow).  I don't need to kill animals but I could kill clays for days.

So the camp was good.  We did our first few days of Downhill training.  It's something to do 'pizza' over a blind knoll and then come by it the next time at 90km/hr.  I do hope to trust a man one day as much as I trust my course inspection.  But I love the speed and thrill of racing.  We did some jumps of over 40 metres too.  But get this.  There was a guy training with us, great skier, jumped 68 meters (way too long).  The day prior was his first jump ever.  He asked the staff how to do it.  Now that's a thrill.

So, eventually, we left Methven to fly out of Queenstown (south of the south island).  On route we stopped in at Lake Tekapo.  It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen... beautiful like the girls I was there with.

Mp, me and Lisa (our physio), Chemmy on the bottom

I landed on Friday night and Mom and I stayed in Toronto overnight.  The next day was completely leisure.  Mom and I have both spent lots of time in Toronto but never been over to the Islands.  So we rented some cruisers and took in the city from across the water.  I prefer that.  A city at a safe distance.

Then we went to a rugby game in Burlington.  Ontario vs BC.  My bud, Ryan Tomlinson, plays for Ontario (and Western and Barrie and Canada for that matter).  Those boys are such men.  No pads, lots of tact, strength and speed.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

So now we're headed to Red Bay for the rest of the weekend.  I can't wait to share some of the best sunsets in the world.  Competitive with La Parva, Chile.

Happy Long Weekend.