Friday in Zermatt

MP, Britt, Me, Chemmy

It's Friday night and I'm just about to go rip it up downtown Zermatt.

That's far from the truth.  For one, I know nothing of the nightlife in downtown Zermatt and lots about being horizontal.  For two, I'm busy healing from a grade 2 sprain of three ligaments in my ankle.  This camp has been more like a Swiss holiday for me.  That must sound exotic and enjoyable but it's been difficult to enjoy not skiing when that's the sole purpose of being here.  The first day of our camp, the lift was broken. The second day training was cancelled because of high winds.  The third day was a huge success being my first day sans knee brace.  I felt confident and so pumped to be, symmetrically, back on snow.  Then I biffed it.  It's tough to get a grade 2 ankle sprain in a ski boot, so I feel 'biff' is the appropriate verb.  I went through the phases: pain; frustration; acceptance.  First day of our first camp feels pretty annoying, but I've been through worse.  It's just about as annoying as the sound of the gondola running all day just outside our condo that's beautifully situated in front of the Matterhorn.  So not really that annoying in the grand scheme of things.

With all this free time, I've been able to explore a bit.. via my window, my books and, most recently, my bike.  Today I got a shot of the Matterhorn missing altogether.  I guess even large masses of sedimentary rock have days where they just want to hide under their covers.

Vanishing act

As for books, I've been reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  Enough said.  When that becomes a little overwhelming, I resort to my tame, sexless book on Bix Beiderbecke.. an interesting bio on a jazz great required for my correspondence course of choice.  I regret my choice but that's beside the point.  

Fifty shades of green

Today, I was able to be a little more physical.  My teammate, Chemmy, and I went downtown for three too many pastries and some fresh air.  Chemmy's company is fresh air.  She, too, is returning from a lengthy recovery (after a double fracture to her right leg).  She's Britain's most famous and fierce ski racer and is getting ready for her comeback year.  But, with comebacks come days off.  So today we made the most of it.  I coasted on the bike and then hobbled around while she dipped in and out of shops.  We stopped by one of the most famous European cemeteries.  It holds four of the original eight mountaineers to climb the Matterhorn for the first time.  It's a destination for a lot of tourists and gorgeously kept.

Mountaineer's Cemetery

So death aside, I am trying to live.  My walking pace is getting better every day and the thought of putting my foot back in my ski boot is becoming more and more realistic.  Tomorrow I'll go to the pool and get my body working as a unit again.  And if I happen to buy out a bakery's daily croissant quota on the way back, so be it.  I heard croissants are the new carrots.

Here's to Saturday being full of energy and ease... and maybe some eye candy at the pool.