Fortunately, for my body, I've been really busy training and getting fit.  Unfortunately, for my blog, I haven't posted at all.  But here goes...

Today was our first day back after a week of recovery... we're about half way through our dryland preparation period before we get back on snow in Zermatt, Switzerland in mid-July.  I took my week to jet out to Vancouver to see my oldest brother, Harrison.  We ate food, museumed and stopped by the Night Market in Richmond.  I don't see him enough for how cool he is.  

Harrison and I.  Vancouver.  Calgary from the plane.  A wicker Harley.

I enjoyed my getaway, but am happy to get back to the grind.  My teammate, Erin, put together this video that peeks into our training a bit.

Other than training, I've been keeping busy with this interesting (but tedious) correspondence course on jazz and blues in the early 1900s.  Right now I'm learning about Louis Armstrong and his version of 10 000 hours.  I've also banked a considerable number of hours trying to find a dress for my friend's wedding in July.  A hobby, per se?
For the most part, I'm enjoying the intensity of this time of year.  Getting an unlimited pass at the yoga studio around the corner is definitely helping me keep my cool... 'cause one of my friends tells me that I'm "too blessed to be stressed."  It's truly homework, though.  I work harder each day so that when I ski again, my toolbox is good and strong with lots of variety.  

The things we do for love.