Camping in Kumu

I can barely call it camping.  I slept in a Westfalia, cool enough to deserve a name.  Kumu means teacher in Hawaiian and has been all over North and South America with my two friends Shona and Andrew.  Last weekend I went 'camping' with the two of them and another couple.  Fifth wheel, shmifth shmeel.  We had so much fun.  We strolled into this campsite on a beautiful lake, completely vacant.  We heard some ATVs at one point on Saturday, but literally saw no one and heard no one for 48 hours.  It was so peaceful.  If nothing else, to turn the phone's off was a break in itself.  Ope, I lied.  I took some pictures with my phone... Here are a few.  (Some views of the campsite, from my bed in the VW and of the fish we caught and ate.)

So my soul feels full and I'm excited for the week of training ahead.  We had a good workout this morning and the intensity will stay high for our last couple weeks of training here in Calgary.  

On a sidenote, it was Father's Day on Sunday.  So here's to you, Dad.  You're the best.  You're the best at being calm in crazy situations.  You're the best at loving no matter the fault.  You're the best at guiding in a way that allows me to figure it all out for myself.  And you're the best at making pancakes.  I hope Sunday, for a good long moment, you realized all this.  I love you and hope to be the best like you one day.  xo Laris.