My season and my vacation

I'm finally home sitting at my desk with some time to reflect.  This past ski season was eventful, to say the least.  The initial 'comeback' part of it was incredible.  I won some races right off the start.  But returning to the World Cup circuit proved to be incredible also... in a different sense of the word.  I felt culture shocked, all over again.  This time it wasn't the idea of racing against idols, but racing against the elements.  The ice, the rough tracks, the jumps, the flat light, the speed... it was a giant challenge.  I had persistent staff that kept me in the game, but the World Cup tracks were beyond anything I had trained.  There was a point in the season that I truly felt it was a throw-away year.  But after some time at this same desk, I started to pull out the positives.  And when I found one, I found another, and another.  I watched Bubba Watson (Masters' champion) on Letterman the other night and he said that there were "a lot of more important things in life than golf".  I think that's what I came to realize, in a healthy way, this season.  I may have had a bucket of near misses this season, but they were wins in a lot of ways.  I won toughness.  I won fearlessness and friends.  I won health and hardiness and a whole bunch more experience.
A year ago, I took a photo of the beautiful magnolia tree outside my parents' front yard.  This season, the fluctuation in temperature made the tree blossom prematurely and then, consequently, die from another frost.  I sympathize with this tree.  The magnolia has beautiful blossoms and great potential but, given the circumstances, couldn't do its thing this season.  I guess we aren't the only species that have tough years.  

After the ski season finished, I took off with one of my brothers, Mitchell, and my parents to Bahamas for four days.  It was a perfect getaway, if even just to avoid errands.  My dad and brother went scuba diving with sharks and we all visited Atlantis.   I pulled the knob on my first (and only) game of slots at the casino.  We played some volleyball, swam in the ocean and danced to Bob Marley.  

I feel completely rested and ready to ease back into that active lifestyle that is my job :)  I'm very excited to move to Calgary in May for a couple months of intense training and intense living... and by that I mean, I'm housesitting for a Flames' player and already feel spoiled about it.  Moving to Calgary on our own dime is very expensive and stressful, so to have this opportunity is very lucky and I'm so grateful.  I'm going to make this summer prep period count.  Speaking of making it count, there's a great video on YouTube these days called Make It Count that's worth watching.

Also, two of my best buds have retired from the team and are hosting ski camps for young girls (under 16).  Anna Goodman and Shona Rubens are both Olympians and will be putting on an epic camp in July in Whistler, BC.  Spread the word, sign up or just see what it's all about at !!

Happy Springtime :)