I started the month with a breather at home in preparation for a long 3 weeks of racing in Quebec: NorAm finals and National Champs.  I drove the 8-hour trip alone, the day after Nik passed away.  Half of the drive was therapeutic.  A few days later I raced to a third place for him.  Nik loved ski racing so it felt fitting to continue going hard after the dream we shared.  

For the rest of the races, the forecast looked so promising... and then came the 25 degree weather.  The course workers and race crew did everything they could but the surface was melting from every angle.  Luckily, we had some epic sunrises and sunshine to distract us...  but within a few days of arriving, I had a flight home booked.  

So I'm writing from my parents' living room, but absolutely itching to be on snow.  I am still so hungry to keep racing.  Or training.  Or just skiing.  I look forward to working hard this summer and refueling for another season... but praise the lord! my coaches found snow.  I'm headed back to Quebec tomorrow to train and race at Stoneham.  I think that will give me my fix.. for a couple weeks anyway.  I'm also really looking forward to a couple more days with my teammates... specifically Anna.  My longtime teammate and good friend Anna Goodman, slalom goddess.. and most recently, GS crossblocker, is retiring.  Unfortunately, I missed her last race but, fortunately, there's youtube.  Anna is the glue that every team needs.  Glue is sticky so we will use that to stay close now that she is leaving, but she will really be missed.  Her energy and positivity kept everyone in a better state of mind.  She's daring and exciting so I'm keen to hear and read of her endless adventures post-ski racing.  Viel gluck, Anna.