A Day off in Zurich

I'm headed to Bansko, Bulgaria tomorrow for another World Cup speed week.  But, today I had a day off in Zurich.  I said a sleepy goodbye to Kelly this morning, had a yummy breakfast with Erik and then decided to brave the Swiss transit into the city.  Turns out I didn't need to be that brave because the first lady I asked for guidance was lovely and we rode together the whole way.  I shopped around for some essentials and some not-so-essentials, checked out the beautiful lake and then headed home.  It was a wonderful coincidence that I was waiting for the same train as my new friend, who I learned was Lilian.  She dropped off good luck Lindor chocolates this afternoon (Danke schon, Lilian).  After deciding I didn't reeeally need a nap because the next door's bathroom needing fixing more, I reorganized my bags and caught the Moscow city event on Eurosport.  Very fun and it looked like a good turnout!  I love watching ski racing and I'm excited for my races this weekend.  

Some pictures of Lake Zurich.