A weekend in St. Moritz

Another race day in the bank.  The emotion of the race has subsided and I do recognize that each day, each race, each finish is helping me reach my goal of being the fastest female ski racer in the world.  I know it's a big goal but I know I'm on a good path.  Today wasn't the result I was looking for but it was definitely the weather :)  St. Moritz gets 288 days of sun a year and we got one today.  It was beautiful.  My mom and I talked on the phone last night and she asked me to post more pictures.  Here's a couple, Mom.  Love you.

Lili, Dave and I

And yesterday.  Yesterday was a fill-up-your-bucket day.  I had an incredible time, first time, watching a World Cup Bobsleigh race.  I walked all along the track, the only natural track on the circuit.  It was really something to be so close to these monsters rumbling down the hill.  And my friend, Jesse Lumsden, was racing and greeted us at the finish.  They placed 6th and he was disappointed but wore a big smile ever conscious of the big picture.  So.  I took some footage and put together a montage.  Enjoy my take on the bobsleigh scene.