One step back, two steps forward

I guess it's more like one step back, and one to the left, a long jump forward, then a step to the right and a little back, a single-leg leap back, then a triple jump forward.  In one sentence, my summer was productive.  I made some very big gains in short periods of time.  I made a big physical gain throughout the month of October training in the gym.  I succeeded at fitness testing in Calgary last month with some of my best tests to date.  I continued to improve my skiing and even landed my first handful of jumps last week.  I freeskied on my downhill skis, longest boards yet, just yesterday.  The wind in my face felt nice again and, in an American Thanksgiving kind of way, I was thankful.  With all that said, I have left my crew to be in Calgary to gently tackle an irritating back issue that has been relentless in the last week.  So I write from my king bed at the Sandman with the Vanier Cup on in the background and my Dodge Avenger rental waiting in the parking lot to take me to all my appointments for the next four days.  I think the magic potion will be far from magical.  Feeling better will be the result of chiropractic care, physio, massage, hot baths, cold tubs, stretching and rest.  And honey nut Cheerios.  And my new favourite show, Storage Wars.  And my new favourite novel, Game of Thrones.  I had no intention after all the time I spent away from the ski racing regime to take another hiatus, even if it's just 4 days.  But I cannot be productive and continue to excel feeling this way.  So I'll continue to learn another layer of patience and smile because I know that when I have my health, I do my best.

Something that's exciting and very helpful is my shoulder patch this year.. Georgian Peaks!  I didn't need to sew a patch on my jacket to understand the amount of support coming from my home ski club, but they really stepped up by purchasing that space.  I look forward to the holidays when I can play in that familiar backyard again.  But I want to earn that Christmas break.  I plan to race the NorAm superG and GS races in Nakiska and Panorama in the next month.  I have specific goals of skiing the way I've learned to ski this summer and applying my technical and positional changes.  It's very clear that I'm a racehorse and want to go fast when the clock is ticking, but it's even more clear that I need to respect my progression and why it's in place.  Man, I'm mature.  No.  I make mistakes every day and forget the plan altogether sometimes.  I mean, I can't do it all the right way all the time.  I probably went much too long without a good solid rest but now I know.  Just like the st.bernard in the lobby at the Delta this morning.  He peed on the fake Christmas tree, but how was he supposed to know he wasn't allowed to do that?  He probably won't do it again because he got in a lot of trouble, but it just shows you... we all learn from our mistakes.  Hopefully.  Eventually.  
Tomorrow there are World Cup races in Lake Louise and Aspen and I'm excited to watch some fast skiing.  Twitter will be out of control.

Till next time.