August - September - October

New Zealand, Collingwood, Calgary, Owen Sound, Chile.  Being back on the road is everything I wanted, but has taken some getting used to.  In New Zealand, I think I brought enough clothes to open a boutique.  In Chile, everything I brought fit on the window ledge.  But besides my attire, or lackthereof, being on the road has physical and emotional side effects.  My knee didn't enjoy the Chilian altitude at the beginning, but my heart increased in size with every sensation of a powerful turn on the snow.  As long as I can maintain a balance...  and isn't that the word for most everything.  Both my mental and physical toughness is being challenged in all the right, fresh and healthy ways.  It's not all a challenge, though.  There's laughter.  Cramping-in-my-stomach laughter.  I love to laugh.  And even more, I love to make people laugh.  Our team is a hilarious mixed bag and I am always trying to be wittier.  I guess that's yet another challenge.  But if I'm not challenged, I cruise.

On Wednesday, I passed a challenge.  I crashed my first big crash since my injury almost 2 years ago.  I promised my coach I would dissect the fall and analyze why it happened, but I am happy.  I'm happy because I'm in one piece.  I completely yard-saled, and went on to do 4 more productive runs in the course.  So, leaving Chile, I feel that I've made another leap ahead in this comeback.  I'm accepting of my sensitivity and self-induced emotional roller coaster.  I feel the highs and the lows, often daily, and continue to learn about myself and the environment I play in.  
Next, I have some time at home to clean some laundry, get a little fitter and have some naps.  I can feel that the race season is starting.. it's under my skin (in a good way).  But I will remain focused on where I'm at in the master plan and why we are moving at this pace.

The link below is to a video that shows a bit of my progression in the last month.  And the picture above was taken by Kelly, my teammate and fellow comeback kid.  She has some incredible pictures worth checking out at