Making do in Mount Hutt

It's been almost a month in New Zealand and no lack of emotions.  I mentioned in a post months before I was able to ski that golf provided me with the sensations I had missed since getting injured.  I missed the focus, the struggle, the resilience, the success.  I would say the difference between those feelings in skiing as opposed to golf is that you feel them all in a single 30 second course.  When I first got back into training gates, Frank (my coach) said he could see the whites of my eyes through my goggles.  It felt so fast and has definitely taken some adjusting.  But I would say now, after a few weeks have passed, my eyes are normal size and I am starting to implement the things I am learning instead of just residing in survival mode.  With that said, I have just had my 5th day off in a row due to too much snow.  Isn't that ridiculous?  I'm in a winter sport that needs snow to exist but if we have too much, we can't do it.  We're trying to stay busy by diving into our books and watching movies and playing games.  Today we played ultimate frisbee and I really tested my knee.  I fell really awkwardly and had a big scare, but I'll be just fine with a bit of time.  I think my knee felt a little forgotten.  It was starting to act so normal and stopped needing so much extra attention so by pulling a stunt like today, it got care and ice and drugs and is happier now.  But that's no way to be... we'll have to have a talk.

Anyway, on a sidenote, an important sidenote, it's National Brother Week.  Well Shona said it was and she's knows everything in the whole wide world, so it must be.  Harrison was the first Yurkiw kid.  He was never a kid though.  He was enunciating before he even exited the womb.    But any child that had to be responsible for my other brother, Mitchell, and I had their work cut out for them.  Harrison is passionate, intelligent, intuitive and creative.  My brothers are two of the most talented people I know on so many levels.  They created my drive.  Their success and integrity has set the bar for anything I've ever attempted.  Mitchell is so energetic and channels it to accomplish incredible feats.  They both have beautiful eyes that reflect directly what is inside their souls.


I'm lucky.  

Happy National Brother Week.