New Zealand, here I come :)

My last week of training in Calgary with the team is coming to a close and I'm pumped.  My quads but also my drive.  I've been working my hardest to keep this comeback moving forward.  This week I was either going to have a tough conversation with the Team staff or a good one.  We had a good one.  It was good because my hard work's timeline is merging well with that of my teammates'.  I will be going to New Zealand for just over a month of on-snow training on July 24.  We have a great dynamic and I'm so happy to be surrounded by tough chicks and smart staff.  There will always be challenges but I choose to accept both the ones I like and the ones I don't like.  Velodrome was a challenge I didn't like, but now it's my new favourite way of doing intervals.  With that said, 'favourite' and 'intervals' should not be in the same sentence.  Anyway, I'm excited for New Zealand because I earned it to be there and I will be able to continue reaching my strength and conditioning goals alongside my closest friends and teammates.  I didn't earn it alone and there are a handful of people that I would pack in my ski bag if I could.  But their support has and continues to allow me to overcome daily obstacles like it's my job.  It is my job.  And what a job.  Ski racing is unique, exhilarating, grueling, fun and addictive.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

On a sidenote, I've finally accepted that I'm just not a daily blogger, nor a weekly one.  So I've joined twitter to help me be more update-ful.  Follow me @larisaYurkiw.