Nobody mondays like we monday

My team (a few of us anyway).  Myself, Anna, Erin, Eve, Mitch and MP

Reason for lung burn

Bowmont's Boxing Club

Tomorrow will be the 3rd Monday of my dryland camp in Calgary.  There are too many new stimuli to have a case of the Mondays out here.  New teammates, new types of training, new digs.  I've really appreciated training with teammates again.  These girls are strong and aggressive and it makes for a high intensity of training balanced with a high intensity of fun.  (Actually, my fun as of late is documented well with photos on Anna Goodman's blog.)  Speaking of balance, our team is really lucky to have such a diverse training week.  Besides the two days a week that we do the homework part (strength training indoors), we box, we do gymnastics, we do our sprints at the velodrome and we do balance in a forest in Canmore.  And my new digs are perfect for everything I do there (eat and sleep).  I guess that's not all I do.  I am trying to get through a book called Room.  I'm trying to beat my highest score in Scrabble.  And I'm trying to watch all the videos on  

As for my physical ability and whether I can play hard yet or not, I'm closing that gap everyday.  My strength has continued to improve since my scope in February.  My endurance is improving with each lung burn at the velodrome.  And my confidence is improving with each new experience that I work through successfully.  

I miss everyone at home.  I miss movie nights and wing nights and field sessions  and hikes up the Peaks at dusk.  But it's all those things that have become a part of me that have allowed me to do so well out here.  Well, I can always do without wing nights...

Thank you to everyone who teaches me of my own strength.