Pink is in.

I don't actually like pink that much but the magnolia tree in front of my parents house finally bloomed and it's the most beautiful decoration a house could have.  Today it's even more stunning because the day is so grey.  What a trait to have.  When all around you is plain and unexciting and you're still lit up with that pink in your cheeks.  Teach me, Magnolia. 

Maybe there's something about this phenomenon in my psychology text books.  I'm enjoying my courses, I love to learn.  Last night, I learned that my kitty doesn't like country music.  I love to study hard, prepare, write tests and find out my mark.  This process is very black and white to me.  I put in the time, or not, and get a mark reflecting my effort.  I crave that left-brained work that my courses offer me.  Recovering from my knee injury is grey like this weather.  I have been explained by a friend that the past 16 months of therapy and training has been my studying and prep.  My exam will be competition.  I've never known of a single psychology course that takes upwards of 16 months.... but that's the beauty of life.  L'il Wayne says, "Everybody dies but not everybody lives."  I know I'm living because I laugh and cry and feel and move and swim and savour.  I can't always control when emotions arise, but I can control my response.  Pouting is not an effective response.  The pink magnolia doesn't pout.  So neither will I.

Next month, I will move to Calgary to train with my teammates.  I am both excited and anxious.  I almost made the mistake of committing to a place without a bed.  That would be a long camp.  However, with no bed you don't risk waking up on the wrong side of it.  That would be something the magnolia would say.  I got a bed.  Calgary will be great.  Change is, generally, healthy.  Like air.  Air is neat in that it's best in high pressure situations.  My goal is to be more like air...  and magnolias.

Happy Friday.