Three's a charm and so is Max.

February 4th, 2011 marked my third visit to the OR for the betterment of my knee mobility.  I did a whole lot of shrugging my shoulders when asked how I felt about another surgery.  This was just something I had to do.  I tried to remain positive about yet another hurdle.  Afterall, I was fairly confident this wouldn't be one of those hurdles followed by a pit of water that the steeple chase athletes jump over.  It's been straightforward and fairly painless.  Crutches one day, walking the next.  I think this is what people meant a year ago when they said knee surgery is a breeze.  With that said, the anxiety was high while Mom and I waited for my turn.  It probably didn't help that the Toronto Star's crossword occupying our minds was Friday's... the most difficult next to Saturday's.  Fortunately, when I needed an intellectual break, I thought of Max.  He's the newest addition to the Yurkiw family.  I tried not to fall too hard, too fast, but I can honestly say I love him.  When I thought of him in my stupid gown and plastic booties, my heart would melt.  

In addition to Max lifting my spirits, Saturday was a big race at Georgian Peaks.  My friend, Sarah, and I had front row seats.  It would be the first time my mom and dad went head to head.  Very serious.  Mom put down two quick times just ahead of my dad but they both skied well.  Correction: they both tried hard.  Anyway, sunshine and good company was the best medicine for me.  Today I was feeling well enough to do my weekly pilates class.  Tomorrow I will conquer the world.  Or just do my rehab exercises.