Sleepy in Sakana

As I sit here at one of my favourite sushi restaurants in Calgary, I assess my last 48 hours.  

Monday.  Functional testing.  Kent (team physio) asks me to jump onto a bench and then jump off, landing on one leg.  Sounds easy enough.  My first thought is, "Can I do this?"  I do it.  Second thought is, "Of course I can."  Then, I no longer rid my uncertainty, but hand myself a bout of confidence.  In addition to confidence, inspiration is sold by the barrel at these facilities.  Training alongside bobsledders and speed skaters is the only time (since first grade) that I feel petite.  You wouldn't believe the pistons these athletes have as legs.

Tuesday.  Start the day by stepping on the scale.  Then I take my clothes off so Nancy can pinch my body in 23 different places.  Soon after, I'm discussing the numbers with my trainer, Matt Jordan.  Both legs have continued to improve in size.  Next, we see about single-leg jumping.  Again, sounds easy enough.  I take one jump and make a mental note to swallow my pride before the next attempt.  It helps.  My second and third are an improvement but clearly show which direction my program is headed.

With all that said, I received two 'oks' to ski.  I will wait to hear from Dr. Litchfield, the only person who saw the inside of my knee for four hours, for the final 'ok'.  After all, it's his handiwork that I trust the most.  And his judgement.  A year ago this Thursday, I fell.  I don't know if I can say, truthfully, that it's the best thing that ever happened to me, but I'm getting there.  I've tried so hard to remain grateful for everything this experience has offered me, without denying myself the necessary mourning that I still experience today.

The holidays are knocking at our doors and I hope that each of us is given the time for whatever we feel important.  Time to rest, time to run, time for fun and fooling around.  Time for sincerity and prosperity.  Time to mend and time to remember.  Time to plan and prepare.  A New Year is next in line and brings with it promise and potential for all things bigger and better.  Welcome, 2011.

Pythagoras said, "Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings."