You, Me and Suzuki

Ok, just Suzuki and I, not you.  I'm ridin' solo this week in Calgary.  But I am driving a rental Suzuki while I'm here.  It's amazing how comfortable I feel 'on the road'.  I've missed it.  I was telling my mom the other day that I feel as though I've lost my need for independence.  I feel I'm less of a hermit and enjoy company much more than years before.  She didn't agree.  She said that in the past, I would have one or two weeks off before heading back with the team and I always took that time to be alone.  She thinks I'm still a hermit, but have never had to be in my cave for months on end.  Why, even when it comes to hermitism, are moms always right?  Y'know what else she's right about... my hair.  How bad it is.  All the time.  Last week I did an interview with Sportsnet and the interviewer had to pour some of his water from his water bottle into my hands so I could slick my hair down and get rid of the supposed fuzziness.  It conflicted with the background.  Hmm.

So in Calgary I've made a home at the Four Points hotel.  I'm writing this blog propped up on six fluffy pillows.  C'est la vie.  Alors, c'est le vie que j'aime.  Mais, je n'ai pas besoins de beaucoup.  Anyway, the purpose of this week is to touch base with the team physio, team doctor and team trainer.  Oh and team dentist and team chiropractor.  Busy.  And selfish.  That is a difficult side of being an athlete.  The all-about-me lifestyle.  I'm serious about my goals and what I want to achieve in my career.  But I am not sure I will ever get comfortable with all the taking and very little giving back.  Maybe that's just the way I see it.  If I inspire one kid to go after what they want with their whole heart, I guess I'm giving back.  

On the knee front, the front of the knee is my pain locale.  All along, I have been trying hard to feel, learn and vocalize what is going on in there.  I just had a great month and am really feeling like an athlete in the gym again.  As I get stronger, my knee continues to remodel.  With every muscle and tendon adapting to the intense program, pain is normal.  And necessary.  If I didn't have pain, I would worry that nothing is changing or healing.  Speaking of change, the leaves have fallen and so has the snow.  Mother nature, I think I'll be ready when you are.