I'll cut your green any day.

I'm finishing up my second week working at Lora Bay golf course and mulling over how to sum up the job in just one paragraph.   A few weeks ago, I left Calgary with a much more refined and specific program to help build my strength.  It's been very effective, but very different.  The length of my workout has been significantly reduced and experiencing cabin fever would be an understatement.  I knew I needed something.  I was playing a bit of piano, but avoiding lessons.  I was reading a few books, but avoiding university courses.  This job has been the right fit from day one.  Maybe I've watched too many movies because when I wake up in morning, the first thing I think/whine about is, "I don't wanna go to work."  But the truth is, I do.  I love having a purpose at 5:30 in the morning.  I love that people are counting on me to cut those greens.  I love the fresh air, the brisk walking, the mild sweating... all while the town sleeps.  I've witnessed some incredible sunrises over Georgian Bay with my new friends and fellow employees.  They're such a genuine group of people from all walks of life.  I feel a little out of place without a cigarette but they seem to treat me fairly even without the habit.  I guess what happens is when they smoke, I eat.  Anyway, I love learning and experiencing 'firsts'.  It was my first time operating any sort of machine when I was taught how to cut the rough.  I think I look pretty good up there.  However, I have lots of room for improvement in order to 'feel one' with the blades.  So with this new job and new approach to my rehab, I'm happy.  I'm happy to be busy and efficient and tired at night.  And I'm happy I saw a turkey family on the 4th hole yesterday.  Two turkey parents and they're little turkey kids.  And the deer.  They're awesome.  But the guys who rake the bunkers (where the deer play) think otherwise.  All in all, working maintenance at Lora Bay has soothed my soul.  I attached one picture (from inside the shop) trying to capture the beauty and the beasts.