Working is the new black.

Continuing with the theme of what I don't know... it turns out I don't know how to afford this rehabilitation lifestyle.  So.  I got a job.  In September, I'll be starting work for the Georgian Bay Golf Club maintaining the course.  In the spring, I started to experience withdrawal symptoms.  I missed all the emotions that come with sport. Focus.  Fatigue.  Struggle.  Success.  Then, I ran into Pam Bell.  Think of a big smile and a big laugh and then add an even bigger heart.  This is Pam.  Pam gave me more than the opportunity to play at a beautiful golf course, she gave me my livelihood.  I've been playing there all summer and really enjoyed being outdoors, taking in the view, keeping score and resisting the urge to slam my putter into the green after missing the putt... for double bogey.  Thank you, Miss Bell, for the gift that keeps on giving.  And with this new job, my hope is to learn a new skill and meet new people.  I will really benefit from some alternative stimulation that simultaneously helps my wallet.  It just so happens that my soon-to-be boss is a big sports fan and completely supports me to keep my recovery a priority.  

I'm getting ahead of myself.  This week I'm in Calgary meeting up with my coaches and teammates for the first time in 5 months.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by a group of supportive staff.  I am doing things that I believe in to help my odds of racing hard again.  I've had a hard time staying patient with this process, respecting each step.  I often contemplate the difference between patience and pace.  If I lose sight of the goal, I can't call it patience anymore.  That is not my fear.  My goal of being better than before is one of the only things that has remained constant throughout all of this.  With that said, today's fitness testing 'is what it is'.  These numbers would be a poor effort for this time of year but, given the circumstances, I feel pleased to have a new benchmark.

I put together a video to demonstrate what I've been up to for the last few months.  Starting June, I've been down and back to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire to train with Tom Barbeau.  Through the Burdenko method, Tom has really helped reintroduce my left leg to its role.  I've taken a lot of knowledge home with me each time and I'm so grateful to have these experiences and opportunities.  So with September quickly approaching, I look forward to watching the trees shed their leaves and breathing in autumn's fresh air.