the most interesting thing about a stock car race is the people

you think the people you arrive with are normal, till they watch a driver they know get into a pileup.  i learned a lot of new words and phrases last night.  sometimes i was more startled by the screams of the crowd than the crashes themselves.  i was there to support number 55.  and the number 1 mechanic, my boyfriend, Paul.  it was extremely impressive what these drivers and mechanics were pulling off in order to get the cars back on the track after all types of carnage.  one minute a car would be dragging its front end along the side into the pit, the next it would be back in with no front end at all.  whatever it takes.  and the rumble when 20 stock cars pass by your seat is unlike anything i've ever experienced.  although ski racing is much more of a sprint and we turn right as well as left, there were a lot of similarities.  i could feel myself 'squeezing' (much like i would on snow) in hopes of helping the drivers accelerate out of each turn.  a few years ago, our team had an incredible opportunity to drive some f2 cars at the international mosport track in Bowmanville, Ontario.  i think 1st gear takes you to 110km/h.  and when i spun out, it taught me a lesson that resonated so greatly with my problems in ski racing.  i went into a turn with a lot of heat and let off just at the apex.  just like in skiing, no matter how you start the turn, you better commit otherwise you're out... with a busted spoiler on a 2 million dollar car.  

speaking of cars.  i have a 1990 325i bmw convertible in great condition that i've been trying to sell for a while.  i bought it a couple years ago for the sole purpose of getting me from a to b during the only season i'm home, summer.  however, for the first time in a long time, i will be home this winter and got myself a more appropriate means of transportation.  so.  you could be the next owner of this hot soft top.  email me.  i'll include a ski lesson.