New Sensations in New Hampshire

As I waited to cross the border into the US, three police officers interrogated me.  Not the usual "where are you going" and "why are you going there"... but "do you know Picabo Street" and "have you ever done the big jumps at Lake Placid".  Claiming that, in fact, I had not done the 'big jumps' at Lake Placid, the three stooges walked off.  And I continued on to Waterville Valley.

The Barbeau's (Tom, Anne and 'T') have taken me in and treated me like family.  They tease me and I tease them back.  I first met Tom on a ski trip in Mont Ste. Anne, Quebec through Jimmy Pollock (ski coach for the Canadian team).  I can't say I remember a lot from the workout that Tom put us through.  However, I vividly remember standing there thinking, "I'm supposed to be a great athlete with worldly talent, and I can't do any of this stuff."  That really stuck with me.  I don't like being awful at anything, especially, when being fit is my full-time job.

It's been two weeks and I feel whole for the first time in 7 months.  I have a long way to go and will continue to say that until I'm realizing my dreams every weekend.  However, working out with Tom both on land and in water has really welcomed my left leg back into my total body awareness.  The balance and uniqueness of these land and water exercises gives me freedom of movement.  So simple, but feeling this way again, feeling athletic, it brings tears to my eyes.  It's fairly inappropriate to cry during a workout so I just pretend I have something in both eyes.  

So I'm heading home with a book full of exercises that will keep my mobility healthy while I continue to get strong.  But more than the book, I'm heading home with the realization that when I get back on my skis, I will be able to play hard once again.  This has been an incredible experience for me and I have made lifelong friendships.  Again, I don't know what I did to deserve all this care and kindness.  I have been a dark person at times throughout this healing process.  I can only hope to continue showing my appreciation through my actions every day.