Mexico, etc.

Emily Brydon and Shona Rubens are retired now.  Of course, we had to go away to a paradise in Mexico to make it official...

So when I arrived in Huatulco (via Mexico City) with Anna Prchal and Shona, we were met by our 'driver', Eduardo, and he assured us it would be an hour and a half to the resort, an hour fifteen at best.  An hour later we arrived at our resort.  Thank goodness Eduardo was driving 3 ski racers.  This crazy Mexican made up 15 minutes and I was still thinking, "Aww, he could've taken that corner a little tighter..."  Talk about 'are we there yet?'  When we arrived, the rest of the girls were there to greet us complete with warm hugs from close friends and a few new introductions.  Not even 24 hours later it felt like we had all known eachother for years.

So in the 8 days I was there, I witnessed all levels of surfing, a night of dancing with locals, a night of dancing with foreigners, a turtle lay its eggs on the beach, a Mexican men vs. Canadian women soccer game, a belly flop competition between stingrays, a show-off performance from dolphins and a knee rebelling the return home.

Speaking of the return home, my flight out of Huatulco was delayed causing me to run (I don't run yet) to my next flight only to get the raised eyebrows and pursed lips of the Air Canada guy... shit.  So I spent the next five hours people-watching at arrivals until Anna's flight came in.  Considering how bitter I was to be missing my family's Mother's day festivities, people-watching happens to be another hobby of mine.  This one older couple was adorable as they struggled with their bags while simultaneously feeding eachother ice cream.  And one man was clad in a strict business suit with a strict face to match only to be greeted by his 5-year-old girl sprinting towards him.  He dropped everything to hold her tight.  Ironically, he still had his strict face on but a tear rolled down his cheek.  Then I started wondering what people see when they people-watch me?   I couldn't find a seat so I was camped out on my bag.  The combination of not getting home and dealing with a really angry knee left the remains of my mascara all over my face.  Maybe I shouldn't be so critical of other people.

Anyway, below are a few pictures of my adventure to, at and from Casarubia.... the place, the game, the girls, the cake, the fish, the Holiday Inn Dali.