Let's talk cardio.  Wikipedia claims that I'm operating the elliptical in the red zone... maximum effort.  Well, I think I'd agree.  The problem is that this red zone used to be my off-white-maybe-a-hint-of-yellow zone called maintenance.  I'm blown away at the lung burn I feel without having pressed the 'on' button.  With that said, I'm so grateful for my familiarity with that pain.  The machine says to discontinue use if experiencing shortness of breath.  I know there are people out there that take that seriously.  So... with all these new ways of experiencing discomfort, inspiration is much needed.  Every couple weeks I watch Ligety rip it up on youtube or replay video of some on-hill training I'm proud of to get my thoughts rolling in that direction.  It's far off but I like reaffirming that a new and improved me is the goal, not just full range of motion.  Wanted to share a video that ties up 'a year in the life'.