Forgive me blogger, for I have sinned. It's been one month since my last entry.

I've been neglecting this blogging thing feeling like I don't have a lot to say.  But the truth is I've made big improvements since my last entry.  Last week I took the crutches away and am walking most of the day without.  It's not pretty, but it's walking!  I also am nearing 80 degrees of flexion which is close to a full revolution on the bike.  All very small steps but exciting nonetheless.  I've learned to knit.  I've also learned to pull what I've knit out because I've sewn in such large holes and added 17 stitches every row.  But it's difficult wool to work with, ok.  I've also sighted my VMO (quad muscle).  I've been at the gym every few days.  It feels good to just walk in there.  My program has a similar structure to what I'm familiar with... the warm up, the strength and balance, the cool down.  However, the one big difference is the sans-sweating.  I've been cold since surgery 6 weeks ago so the hoodie comes with me to my workout as well.  But in general, I am always pleased at how far I have come from even a week prior.

Upwards and onwards.

My Olympic experience.  I enjoyed watching the girls yesterday.  I think all three of them did well for just conquering that monster of a course.  I can't often say this from a racer's point of view, but I was happy when my teammates were safely through the finish line.  And what a point of view this has been.  I can guarantee I'm experiencing the Olympics more than most Olympians... I haven't missed an event yet!  I've embraced the bittersweetness of this situation and feel that it's just a different way of being at the Games.  You know, with all the pressure that is put on the athletes to have incredible performances, I just hope they are all able to soak in the experience.  If there's one thing I've learned from watching the Games from the couch, it's that the relaxed ones are winning.  It made me so happy to hear Maelle Ricker's gold medal interview... The reporter asked her if there was anything she'd like to say to Canada.  She said, "I want everyone to know we're having a lot of fun out here and enjoying every moment.  I hope you are too!"  How quickly 'fun' is forgotten by the viewers during the Olympics.  But then again, if fun is one's only concern, maybe it's best to be a viewer :)