New Year. New Knee!

In the past, New Years' celebrations have been an early night to bed because of early morning training.  This year, I woke up in my hospital bed five minutes after midnight with a nurse over me saying, "Happy New Year, honey."  After 3 hours of surgery complete with stitches and staples, I spent two nights in the University Hospital in London with Nurse Lynda close by.  Lynda's my mom.  She's also my strength when I just don't have any.  Below is a picture of her doing the timing for a race at Georgian Peaks.  Isn't she hot?

Today is the first day I'm Yurkiwless... home alone for 24 hours.  I'm doing ok.  My family has not only been extremely helpful but incredible at keeping my spirits up too.  The truth is that I let go of the Olympics the same second I got injured.  It was devastating because of the work I put in, but I feel confident that I will get another chance.  What I've started to realize is that other things were taken away in that same moment.  My knee's health of course, my chance to go to the Olympics, but more than that, my independence.  Little things are now big things... walking, bathing, preparing meals.  That active lifestyle is what I miss the most, and what I expect to cherish the most when I'm healthy again. 

With that said, I'm doing my best to stay mentally active with good reads and the odd crossword.

In addition, to our Canadian casualty list, Anna Goodman visited the surgeon today and she tore her ACL.  Kudos to her optimism so soon after the injury.