Irony at its finest.

My last post bragged about my cats and their healing ways.  Well, this morning I fell because a piece of Zoe's fur was covering the rubber end of my crutch.  But I believe she had good intentions.  With that said, the power of intent is often underestimated.  

On a brighter note, 'tis the season!  Merry Christmas.  Having the whole family under one roof is rare and special.  I read through Anna Goodman's blog and saw the festivities they had going on in the middle of Austria during their Christmas celebrations away from their families.  As enjoyable as it is to be home, I do miss them.  And will continue to miss them throughout the new year.  That team is very much my family, extended, but family nonetheless.  So I think a warm wish is in order to the frostbitten toes of my teammates.  

And I'll have you know, Santa was good to me.  No coal.  Although I do still have a piece of month-old black licorice in my backpack that Brydon kept hiding in my stuff... From my parents, I received a sewing machine and will be sure to show you my final products.  However, if I mess up (very possible) and my handmade skirt looks more like a belt, I might just delete this part of the blog.  I also received 3 piano lessons from my brother.  One door closes, another opens, right?  One of my best friends, Sue, says that quote a lot.  She finishes it with "... it's just the hallways that are a bitch."  True that. 

Please note that, yes, in fact, the ski racing door did close for now.  I mean, physically I just can't do it right now.  But that door has a very familiar doorknob and I will be back to open it in the future.