The last 48 hrs have been an emotional rollercoaster...

Monday afternoon.  Unfortunately, my dad's secretary's father was ill and I was put in her place.  This was my first shift behind a desk... ever.  With a quick 101 from a former secretary/current patient, I carried the next six hours!  Overwhelming and boring simultaneously, I realized it was the first time in two weeks I could be of use to someone.  I can't get to the phone quick enough when someone asks, I can't wash my hair all that well, but I can reschedule someone's next chiropractic appointment and charge them the right amount for their treatment.  Very refreshing.

Monday evening.  The Olympic torch goes right past my doorstep.  I can honestly say that as soon as I saw the flame, I crumbled.  It symbolized so much.  If that's not a real life metaphor, I don't know what is... Olympics runs by me while I stand on the sidelines.  That was extremely difficult.  With that said, I have always been and will continue to be excited for an Olympic games.  In the past, I've watched both Summer and Winter Olympics with great enthusiasm and played Nagano on Nintendo for hours.  This injury will take nothing away from the novelty of having them on Canadian soil.

Tuesday afternoon.  Say hi to my extended family... Georgian Peaks Ski Club.  I had no idea support could be so palpable.  What a feeling.  Just being a room full of Peaks kids and parents put a lump in my throat.  They presented me with this incredible banner and, more than that, their hearts.

Lastly, Tuesday evening.  I found out I have surgery Thursday.  I can honestly say I'm excited to bring in the new year with a new start... and a new knee :)  I will be spending a couple nights in the hospital and may even be next to Kelly, my teammate and adopted sister (although, I think she actually took me under her wing).

It's been two weeks since my life changed a little.  I am deliberately documenting this time in my life in any way possible.  For the purpose of healing, I am trying to embrace the good and the bad.  Thank you to each of you who have made the bad a little easier to bear.